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OpenWalls Arles 2020 Photography Award

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The aftermath of typhoon Haiyan passing through Leyte, Philippines ©DominiqueSmith

Wednesday, 10 June 2020, 7:16 am
Press Release: 1854 Media

From 1854 Media & British Journal of Photography in collaboration with Galerie Huit Arles, OpenWalls Arles is an international photography award designed to elevate the careers of emerging and established photographers by exhibiting their work in the prestigious and historic location of Arles.

We are thrilled to announce the 63 winners of OpenWalls Arles 2020: 50 winning single images and two winning series from the ‘Growth’ category, alongside ten single images and one winning series from the ‘Daily Life’ category.

The images have been selected by an international panel of judges, which includes Julia de Bierre (Galerie Huit Arles), Fariba Farshad (Photo London), Gwen Lee (Singapore International Photography Festival and DECK) and Stephan Erfurt (C/O Berlin Foundation). See the full list of judges here.

The ‘Daily Life’ winners showcase powerful perceptions of the everyday: quiet moments that speak volumes of a subject’s reality; seemingly mundane scenes that, in truth, hold a deep significance. Our ‘Growth’ winners convey compelling depictions of change or transition — whether in the form of personal growth, or shifts in nature and the environment.

The Poser

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Portrait of a gentleman in China on the Yangtze River

Behind the Veil of Appearance…

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Sri Lanka

Elephants, Monkeys, Cows and Crows, oh My

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Bathing elephant at  Elephant Freedom Project and, in the wild, as I ride the bus to Trincomalee in Sri Lanka;  chased a monkey out of my bathroom and another stole my mango slices as I walked up to the Golden Temple;IMG_0214 Cows on the beach, roaming the range…IMG_0290 and finally a crow steals my chicken bone… IMG_0359what next? Sri Lanka,  a natural habitat experience hmmm… I did not plan for this!


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ds20170128-26Where do we come from?   Where are we going?

A special Moment

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Something is about to happen.

Something is about to happen.

Pregnancy,  a special time when a woman discovers the magic of the infant growing within.

Pregnancy, a special time when a woman discovers the magic of the infant growing within.

She is beautiful and at ease with herself and who she is about to become.

She is beautiful and at ease with herself and who she is about to become.

We wait and watch....soon a new life will come to this world.

We wait and watch….soon a new life will come to this world.

World War I – Selling cameras

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With time on my hands for research and writing, a stack of old books in my collection  and a real interest in sharing some of the curiosities I encounter, I hope to uncover little nuggets, treasures, to include in my blog and share with my readers.   As Europe commemorates the First World War during the four years of 2014 to 2018,  there is an abundance of media coverage  marking its 100th anniversary.  Most of it geared towards the events  of the era, the suffering encountered by the men at war and families who stayed behind. My generation knows little about the Great War, myself included, so I started by looking through period newspapers and journals and was astonished by the number of photographs taken and published already 100 years ago.

After the WarIn the August 9th, 1917 issue of Le Pays de France, a weekly published by Le Matin, Photo-Plait a photography shop (look out for a subsequent article) located in Paris places an advertisement in the weekly. Anticipating the days when millions of visitors travel to see the ‘glorious’ ruins of their bombarded cities, it suggests all will want to bring back a lasting memory, which only photography can provide.

“We strongly advise school children and all Frenchmen engaged in tourism to learn the art of photography, available to everyone at little expense.”  Cameras can be purchased at a starting price of 13 francs or the equivalent of US$2.73 at the time.

Photo-Plait was even capable of shipping cameras to the war front and the colonies, and would open accounts for clients with a advance payments!  It is no surprise then to find that soldiers on the front were already taking photographs during World War I.

‘Vivian Maier’ Brings Nanny-Photographer’s Life Into Focus

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For those of you who have read my earlier blogs, you will know that I discovered Vivian Maier by chance in 2012. Akin to John Maloof who stumbled on her negatives at a flea market in 2007 `and purchased them, I fell upon an article about his discovery and have been smitten since.   So my latest discovery centers around The ‘Vivian Maier’ documentary.

Vivian_MaierHere we find ourselves, with an unknown photographer, discovered ‘Post Mortem’ and now several books later ‘Vivian Maier Street Photographer’ and ‘Out of the Shadows’ , Maloof and his co-director Charlie Siskel set about discovering who and what was behind the personage of Vivian Maier.

Web research and interviews with former charges and employers result in the image of a nanny devoted to the children she cared, for yet strict. A woman influenced by her French heritage, a pack rat growing more secretive as she grew older.   All of the makings for an elusive character wandering in the Chicago slums with children in tow, looking for the next subject to be captured with her Rolleiflex.

I have not seen the documentary film but a preview is available at Finding Vivian Maier.   Hoping to find out where and when we can view the documentary.


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A time for contemplation, appreciation – a time to marvel at the world’s beauty.   These photos are all that remains of the fruits of my labour, the souvenirs of my travels!

South Africa

Teide National Park - Tenerife

Teide National park - Tenerife

Bohol - Philippines

Leogane - Haiti

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