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“The short-pant is a terrible fashion choice. Unless it is from Bermuda”

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Bermuda Shorts…hottest fashion statement in 2014, but do you know the origin?  Yes the Royal Navy, but few people know the story behind its creation.

Nathaniel Coxon, a native Bermudian, ran a little teashop during the 1st World War. As business boomed in the little teashop, with an influx of Naval officers stationed in Bermuda, so did the steaming teapots.  Employees complained of the unbearable heat as they served customImageers in their blazers and khaki pants.Not wishing to spend additional money on employee uniforms, Mr. Coxon decided to cut the khaki pants just above the knee.

British Admiral Mason Berridge who regularly took his tea in Coxon’s shop and found the style, “a bit of old Oxford” yet practical commissioned the short-pant and named it the Bermuda Short.  He credited Coxon with its creation, and Nathaniel Coxon was eventually awarded an OBE, Order of the British Empire.

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