‘Vivian Maier’ Brings Nanny-Photographer’s Life Into Focus

In Photography on April 12, 2014 at 7:13 pm

For those of you who have read my earlier blogs, you will know that I discovered Vivian Maier by chance in 2012. Akin to John Maloof who stumbled on her negatives at a flea market in 2007 `and purchased them, I fell upon an article about his discovery and have been smitten since.   So my latest discovery centers around The ‘Vivian Maier’ documentary.

Vivian_MaierHere we find ourselves, with an unknown photographer, discovered ‘Post Mortem’ and now several books later ‘Vivian Maier Street Photographer’ and ‘Out of the Shadows’ , Maloof and his co-director Charlie Siskel set about discovering who and what was behind the personage of Vivian Maier.

Web research and interviews with former charges and employers result in the image of a nanny devoted to the children she cared, for yet strict. A woman influenced by her French heritage, a pack rat growing more secretive as she grew older.   All of the makings for an elusive character wandering in the Chicago slums with children in tow, looking for the next subject to be captured with her Rolleiflex.

I have not seen the documentary film but a preview is available at Finding Vivian Maier.   Hoping to find out where and when we can view the documentary.

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