three apricot pits later

In Nonesense on January 5, 2013 at 12:00 am

Being alone at 4:20 am is all about three apricot pits sitting on your grandfather’s antique desk, listening to Charlie Winston singing ‘Like a Hobo’, followed by a Piano Concerto for Tchaikovsky ….

intermittently distracted by, Facebook, as you try to hold several conversations at once and complete an intelligent blog.  Who said Social Media was easy?  Twitter, Tumbler, Facebook,   Oh my…   Pinster, Linked In, Google +    Oh my…

In spite of it all, around 6:40 am,  that stuff you digressed  about with your cousin comes full circle. So much for advice and wisdom; sometimes it comes back, to smack you in the face.  Don’t stress, face reality, get a grip.  It’s ok to runoff the skids, occasionally.  As long as you remember that it was a moment of insanity, driven by the moment.  Sure run with it!

BUT if it runs away with you….oh my Lord you are in  trouble.

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