In Haiti on January 25, 2011 at 10:44 pm

Bonjou!  Mwen te rive an Ayiti! Bet you are wondering, “Is this pidgin French or what?”

The Haitian language is one of several French creoles. Haitian creole is the outcome of “normal” linguistic change, a language derived from the French language, more specifically on a 17th century koine extent in Paris, the French Atlantic harbours and the French colonies, and some African languages which traveled with the slaves to their new home nations, as well as Spanish and Taino.

Haitian creole is a language spoken in Haiti by about twelve million people and is one of two official languages in Haiti, French being the second one.  Haitian Creole was recognized as an official language in 1961. The use of haitian Creole in literature has been small but is increasing. Felix Morisseau-Leroy was one of the first and most influential authors to write in Haitian Creole.  Since the 1980s,  the use of Creole has grown exponentially with newspapers, as well as, radio and television programs produced in Haitian Creole.

So hello! I have arrived in Haiti.

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