All Intentions Are Good!?

In Whatever on October 12, 2010 at 6:34 pm

Most intentions are good but execution can often fail.  So here I stand, humbly apologizing for my failure. My intention was to post weekly but my execution, well it is notably flawed.

Arrived back in Bermuda this past week to glorious sunshine and warmth. Two years in France and a couple of short trips home and I had forgotten how much we should be thankful for on this island nation of ours. Not only do we have some of the best weather in the world but the island dweller is a wonderfully friendly person.

My car has sat in the garage for, well too long, and will not start.  Called my friendly repair shop, Martin’s Precision Automotive. They are so busy there is no way they can get down to St. George to start her up. They recommended Paynter’s Towing and Salvaging.  What a wonderful recommendation! Within an hour of calling ‘Help!’, the car was on the truck and on its way back to Hamilton.  The gentleman I dealt with, I assume Mr. Paynter, was such a friendly, helpful soul.  If Paynter’s intention is service with a smile and ‘good morning’ then he has succeeded.

I smiled to myself as he drove off and thought I really am back home in Bermuda.

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