A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to …

In Finance, Photography on April 27, 2010 at 6:22 pm

In early 2008 after much deliberation and discussion with my husband, I decided to retire, and to otherwise occupy my time. I am not sure how many if us have pondered on the expression ”timing is everything”, but as you will see, whether I did or not is a matter for discussion or another blog.     

August 29th 2008 my last day on the job, sorry let’s take a step back. In the Spring, whilst deliberating over retirement, I ordered several books, one of which The Panic of 1907: Lessons Learned from the Market’s Perfect Storm by Robert Brunner and Sean Carr published in 2007. “Why do markets crash and bank panics happen?” inside flap, summary quote…how could that not be interesting?     

Once my decision taken, I ready to retire and enroll at the Speos Photographic Institute in Paris, for the September Master’s programme.     

Upon acceptance I embark on the next chapter of my life, a long-standing passion to study photography. Fast forward to September, barely a few weeks into my new venture,  the first assignment in Visual Identity class is ‘black’. So, how does a highly analytic person take black and make it creative?     

By then I am reading The Panic of 1907 and  continue to stay abreast of the financial markets which future grows more ominous by the day. Dark clouds are hovering and a smell of panic is in the air.      

 “Black Thursday”


September 29th 2008, a Monday the French daily Les Echos says will forever remain engraved in memory like infamous “black Thursday” of October 1929.  The US bank crisis spreads to the European sector and international markets tumble.     

“Race against the watch to avoid financial chaos”


For those of you close to the financial markets, you may by now already expect where this is leading. We are about to record one of the darkest periods of financial history. It doesn’t get much blacker than a bank crisis. What have we learned from the market’s perfect storm of 1907?   There it is staring me in the face.   

“Timing is Everything”


 My black project…  

 I wait for the train to Paris in the dark, early one morning, and start shooting.       


  1. nous avons pris du plaisir à parcourir ces quelques épreuves, et aimerions aussi voir ton travail photo concernant la récup, est ce possible?
    Ton travail disposé sur ton site, offre une vaste palette très variée et riche en sujets.
    Tu as su saisir des instants donnés pour les réstituer aux humanités!!
    Merci, DOM, good luck for your work, do your thing.
    sylvie & lionel.


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