Getting There is Half the Fun…

In Whatever on April 26, 2010 at 10:50 am

…. what a ridiculous idea!

How long has it been since you thought of creating your very own website?  If you are anything like me and the majority of   humanoids, I will guess…  Forget it, let’s just say a long time.

Not a techie by profession or any other means,  I decided that after spending the ‘golden egg’  to study photography, it was now time to have a site to show everyone what the goose produced.  At best,  if the goose could lay another egg, maybe I could  be on the way to a new career and, fame and fortune. At worst, we would remain incognito, me and my website.

The average gestation period for a human baby is nine months; and the average for a website?  Not sure but feels like a long time.   Talk about labour pains!  Here’s hoping you will not procrastinate and suffer as much as I.

Believe it or not mind over matter is still relevant.  Today there are so many ways to ‘attack’ the website  that only sickly procrastinators, like me,  should have the ability to make a meal and more out of the experience.  Yola, GoDaddy, Weebly….. to name  a few are all available to help the novice work his/her way through the web maze and finally deliver the goods without breaking the bank to get there.

Needless to say there are numerous solutions. For the do-it-yourself type, Adobe’s Dreamweaver, is the better known and ties in very nicely with Photoshop and Lightroom.  However, if you have never approached this side of things you may find it daunting and could be in for some trying times.  For the technically challenged such as myself I can suggest Wix for the photographer and WordPress for the blogger, both of which I have found to be user friendly and intuitive.

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